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he most important thing you can do to help ensure a long life from your system is to have the septic tank cleaned on a regular basis. Our tank-cleaning technicians are uniformed and thoroughly trained to pump and clean out your tank, inspect the condition of the tank, lids, baffles and walls. Once your property is in our system, we remind you based on the criteria listed below


  • A family of two — pump your tank every three years
  • A family of three — pump your tank every two years
  • A family of four or more needs to service their tank every year.
  • Your system should never go more than three years without service. The cleaner your keep your system the longer it will perform.
  • Systems installed after 2004 have a filter in the rear baffle and require service annually or at the time of servicing your septic. The filters are there to protect the effluent from transferring to your leach area.

The primary purpose of the septic tank is to serve as a trap or separator. As wastewater enters the tank, the solid waste is trapped in the tank and the same amount of treated wastewater (effluent) leaves the tank as entered.

The effluent still contains particles of solid waste, which continues to be very slowly treated in the drainfield by anaerobic bacteria. Some of this waste matter is not digestible by the bacteria and settles into the drainfield. Over a long period of time it begins to clog soils, gravel and perforated piping.

Heavier waste settles to the bottom of the tank. This buildup on the bottom of the tank is called “sludge.” The lighter waste and greases settle to the top. This top layer is called “scum.” Between these two layers is where the clarified effluent is drawn out of the tank by gravity and into the drainfield.

The better the quality of effluent entering the drainfield, the longer the life of the drainfield. The thicker the two layers are, the more particles of waste enter the drainfield and the faster the clogging occurs, shortening the life of the system.

Your septic tank should be pumped out by a registered and licensed septic tank service company and disposed of in a manner approved by the EPA.  Full Circle Septic meets all these criteria.

If you have questions, need to schedule a cleaning, or would like a reminder email sent to you when its time to consider having your tank cleaned, simply call or contact us online and we will be happy to accommodate your needs.


Septic Tank Pumping

Whether  you want to do regular maintenance or you need an emergency pump out, Full Circle Septic has you covered.

LIne Jetting

Toilets not flushing?  Sinks and showers not draining?  You may have a blocked pipe leading to your septic system.            

Drain Fields

Is your drain field in need or repair or replacement? FREE estimates!                                                                                                 

real estate inspections

Buying a house?  Let us inspect the septic system so that you don’t have any surprises after the closing.

new construction

Building a new home?  We can design and install your system for you.                                                                                              

chemical maintenance

Residential and commercial enzyme maintenance.                                                                                                   

filter maintenance

Did you know that your septic tank may have an outlet filter that needs to be cleaned annually?                                           


Convenient access to your septic tank for maintenance and annual inspections.                                                           

lift stations

Alarm going  off?  Toilet not flushing?  Sinks and tubs not draining?                                                                                                     


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We are extremely pleased with the service. Full Circle was very professional and helpful. I’m definitely going use this same company for another property that I own. I highly recommend this company.aliquet.

Leticia Ayala

This youngman, JD, came out after hours and worked until he got everything fixed and was very kind and professional the entire time. We were stressed and he made a bad situation a very pleasant one. Thumbs up for great service. I will recommend Full Circle Septic to my friends and family.

Patricia Brown
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