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That’s right. Your septic system is essentially a farm for micro sized critters…..bacteria.  Little bugs that eat the solid matter in your septic system. Your septic system relies on natural processes to break down organic solids until they are safe to release into the soil (and thus the groundwater). Naturally occurring bacteria(bugs) in your tank are primarily responsible for doing the heavy lifting here. When the processed liquid (called effluent) is released into the drain field, other natural and physical processes break down remaining organic matter from there.

Unfortunately, certain substances can actually kill the beneficial bacteria in your tank if put down your drain. This is why you should avoid putting paints, pesticides, chlorine (such as from a pool or hot tub), medications, or automotive fluids down any drain in your home.

Be especially careful with household cleaners designed to kill bacteria, such as bleach, Lysol, hydrogen peroxide, and even de-cloggers such as Drano.  Not only do they kill the much-needed bacteria in your septic tank, but they can also contaminate your community’s groundwater.

How additives can help

If you’ve accidentally killed off the bacteria in your septic tank, or if an inspection reveals that your tank isn’t breaking down solids the way it should, it may be time to give the remaining bacteria a helping hand.

Enzymes designed specifically for septic tank systems aid bacteria by helping to break down organic solids on the molecular level. These smaller molecules are easier for the bacteria to “digest,” making them work more efficiently. In a healthy tank, the bacteria will produce these enzymes on their own, but in a compromised tank supplying extra enzymes can give the bacteria a needed boost. Full Circle Septic provides these septic tank boosters in the form of a conveniently packed box with a year supplies of water soluble packets.  You simple flush one down the toilet each month.

These packets can help replace the bacteria that may have been inadvertently been killed off by something put down your drain.

Other vital septic maintenance

Even a septic system with a thriving ecosystem won’t completely break down all organic solids at the bottom of your septic tank. Meanwhile, fats, oils, and greases that go down your drains will form a floating layer of scum at the top that can’t decompose. Unless these are physically removed at some point, the sludge at the bottom and/or the oils at the top will eventually overflow your tank and escape into the drain field—with very unpleasant (and unsanitary!) results.

If it’s been a few years since you’ve had your septic tank pumped, or if you’ve recently moved to your home and don’t know the state of your septic tank, you’ll want to have the professionals at Full Circle Septic inspect your system to determine how much longer you can go before pumping.

Generally it’s best to have it inspected annually—just to rule out other problems that could cause major headaches down the road.

Also be sure to pay careful attention to the do’s and don’ts of owning a septic system, including being very careful about not putting fats, grease, oils, “disposable” wipes, or dental floss down any drain in your home.

Do you suspect your septic tank may be having issues? The technicians at Full Circle Septic can come take a look and help you determine the next step.


This DRY POWDER bio-formulation is highly active and packaged in 12 convenient two ounce water-soluble packets. Simply flush one packet down the septic tank each month to assure long term biological activity in the entire septic system.

  • Maintains system biological activity
  • Helps break down tissue
  • Reduces surface and bottom solids


Septic Tank Pumping

Whether  you want to do regular maintenance or you need an emergency pump out, Full Circle Septic has you covered.

LIne Jetting

Toilets not flushing?  Sinks and showers not draining?  You may have a blocked pipe leading to your septic system.            

Drain Fields

Is your drain field in need or repair or replacement? FREE estimates!                                                                                                 

real estate inspections

Buying a house?  Let us inspect the septic system so that you don’t have any surprises after the closing.

new construction

Building a new home?  We can design and install your system for you.                                                                                              

chemical maintenance

Residential and commercial enzyme maintenance.                                                                                                   

filter maintenance

Did you know that your septic tank may have an outlet filter that needs to be cleaned annually?                                           


Convenient access to your septic tank for maintenance and annual inspections.                                                           

lift stations

Alarm going  off?  Toilet not flushing?  Sinks and tubs not draining?                                                                                                     


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